Posted on December 1, 2011 by magixmarkers.

Amy Cao (Chow) is a girl who brings charm to the word irony. How does a girl who swears she can’t cook become a food writer? I don’t know the answer but a little mystery never hurt anyone. With that being said feast your eyes on the lovely little gem called Stupidly Simple Snacks. It’s the perfect remedy for worry warts who wouldn’t dare fire up a stove.

I had the pleasure of asking Amy a few questions about her exciting life in food and I am honored to share them with you.

If you were a food item on a restaurant menu what would you be and why? How would you be presented on the plate?

I would probably be fried rice because there’s a little of everything in there, but it’s also a bit of a mess. I wish I could be like a fine wine - one that improves with age, but I’m more like fried rice or pound cake: much more tasty a day or two after it’s made.

Who do you consider to be a special and positive person in your life?

My parents are constant reminders that you do not need much to have a lot. They lead modest, happy lives. My dad is incredibly stubborn, but he’s also the wisest person I know.

Can you tell me about your job with Foodspotting and your goals for the organization? Do you enjoy working there?

I am the Head of Community at Foodspotting and I love my job. Since we’re a small team, we all wear multiple hats; one day I will be producing a new video and the next I am helping my team organize a party or answering customer service emails. Like our Foodspotting CEO, Alexa Andrzejewski, always says: I am both the CEO and the intern at Foodspotting. We want you to use us to find good food around you! Please download our free and awesome app:

It is to my understanding that you cannot cook. Can I ask what inspired you to pursue a career in food writing?

I love eating food and dining out. Preparing it has always been a challenge for me, but it does not stop me from enjoying other peoples’ cooking.

Can you walk me through a typical day in your life?

Roll out of bed, turn on my MacBook, reply to emails, write or edit a blog post, see what people are saying about Foodspotting on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, etc. If I remember to, I’ll take a lunch break. Then I will spend a part of my day helping our users plan and schedule Foodspotting “eat-ups” in their city; I might interview someone who applied to be a Foodspotting Ambassador or I may edit a video. I might help a new brand set up their profile on Foodspotting or I may try to plow through some admin work. In the evening, I might head to an event to represent Foodspotting.

What do you enjoy doing when you are away from the food world?

There’s a lot of overlap between my personal and professional life. I am motivated to discover new dishes and try new restaurants whether it’s a weekday or weekend. On my own time, I produce Stupidly Simple Snacks videos, which is an online video series that shows viewers how to make extremely easy foods even if you, like me, cannot cook. If I was not working in the food realm, I would probably be traveling and travel writing. (Then again, my travel itineraries revolve around food too.) If food and travel did not exist, I would spend my time trying to persuade people to adopt homeless animals because I recently adopted a kitten named Mittens and though my life was good, he’s made it even better.

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